The PandA Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that serves as a cultural bridge between East and West, modernity, and tradition, to advance the common good. Our mission is to protect and develop the natural and human environments around the world. Through a holistic approach, we aim at integrating economic, social, environmental as well as culture and heritage aspects into a transformation plan. Our unifying theme is sustainability.

Inspired by architectural icon Ieoh Ming Pei, the PandA Foundation (formerly known as I.M. Pei Foundation) aspires to enrich the world for future generations by solving local challenges for global benefit to inspire dialogue and knowledge sharing. In today’s complex and polarized world, it is our belief that local challenges must be tackled globally, through a holistic approach, integrating economic, social, cultural, and environmental aspects.

The foundation’s work embodies a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of nature and society. It aims to protect the Earth’s ecosystems and resources while simultaneously advancing the quality of life for all, ensuring that both elements can coexist sustainably. The dual mission of “Protecting and Advancing” represents a commitment to fostering a world where nature and society thrive together:

1. Protection of our Planet
This entails a commitment to preserving and restoring the natural environment. The foundation actively works to safeguard ecosystems, protect endangered heritage sites, conserve biodiversity, and mitigate the impact of climate change. This protection involves sustainable resource management, employing technological advancements, and advocacy for an encompassing social, economic, and environmental framework like the Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Advancement of Human Well-Being
In tandem with environmental protection, the foundation seeks to advance the well-being of communities and society at large. This involves initiatives focused on education, access to information and technology, social equity, economic prosperity, peace and security, and cultural fulfillment. By addressing human needs, the foundation helps create a society that can thrive in harmony with the natural world.

Our conservancy efforts, however, are not solely about protecting ecosystems, but also about preserving the cultural dimension that human societies have woven into the natural world. Indigenous traditions, local knowledge, and cultural practices are intricately linked to our environments. By safeguarding both the ecological and cultural heritage, we promote a holistic approach to preservation and advancement efforts.

Heritage protection is integral to preserving the socio-cultural fabric of societies. It safeguards traditions, promotes community cohesion, supports economic development, and encourages respect for cultural diversity. It is an essential component of sustaining and celebrating the rich tapestry of human cultures and histories.

Incorporating socio-cultural aspects into conservation work not only leads to more effective and sustainable outcomes, but also promotes a sense of ownership and collaboration among local communities. It recognizes that people are an integral part of the ecosystems they inhabit and that successful preservation efforts must respect and include these social and cultural dimensions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable world where the natural environment is protected and restored, and human well-being is nurtured, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between nature and society.

This vision serves as a guiding principle for the foundation’s initiatives, driving our work in preservation, environmental education, sustainable development, advocacy, and partnerships, all with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable world that ensures the well-being of both nature and humanity.

Our Values

Education and Communication

Learning from and sharing with the global community: The foundation recognizes the value of learning from the experiences of other regions and countries facing similar challenges. It actively facilitates knowledge exchange, sharing successful strategies, and lessons learned across its network of local collaborations. By fostering a global community of practice, the foundation encourages innovation, cross-pollination of ideas, and continuous improvement on all levels.

Collaboration and Partnerships

The foundation acknowledges that addressing today’s challenges requires collaborative action. It values partnerships with various stakeholders, including local communities, nonprofits, businesses, academia, and governmental organizations. By fostering global collaboration and pooling resources, the foundation aims to amplify its impact, share knowledge, and create collective solutions for the greater good.

Innovation and Adaptability

The foundation encourages innovation and adaptation to rapidly changing conditions. The foundation values creativity, open-mindedness, and the pursuit of new ideas and approaches to address global challenges. It embraces the use of new technologies and methodologies that can lead to scalable and lasting solutions.

Transparency and Integrity

The foundation operates with transparency and accountability. It values integrity and relies on facts and science for guidance and to ensure continuous learning and development. Research and analysis are essential pillars, as they enable the foundation to make informed decisions, develop evidence-based solutions, promote innovation and build a collective knowledge base.

Long-term Thinking and Sustainability

The foundation takes a long-term perspective in addressing challenges that affect us all. We value sustainable development practices that consider the needs of both present and future generations. The foundation promotes strategies that build resilience in local communities, protect natural resources, and foster sustainable livelihoods.