November 1, 2023

Renaming to Emphasize our Mission

The Foundation has embraced a significant transformation by officially adopting a new name. While the core mission and the essence of our work remain unchanged, our new name and website will more sharply reflect our focus. The primary driver behind this decision is our unwavering commitment to putting the projects and concrete action at the forefront, emphasizing their significance over the name that once defined us.

I.M. Pei Foundation and its namesake, modern architect icon Ieoh Ming Pei, remain the inspiration for the PandA Foundation. P and A – honouring Mr. Pei, and, at the same time, highlighting the dual priorities of protecting our environment and advancing humanity –, represents our commitment to fostering a world where nature and society thrive together. We aim at fulfilling our goals via concerted local action, so that we together can make contributions globally.

I.M. Pei’s work can be seen as a bridge between tradition and modernity, resulting in a legacy of iconic buildings around the world that are of lasting value to society. Likewise, the PandA Foundation aspires to cherish legacy while shaping the future. Innovation, sustainability and the well-being of people and the planet are our guiding principles.

Founder and president, Ms. Wenyan Jiang, describes the idea accordingly: “In today’s complex and polarized world, it is my belief that global challenges must be tackled via concrete action anchored in the local community, through a holistic approach. Our current challenges cannot be considered in isolation. Global collaboration is needed. We have a responsibility to care.”

As we evolve, we recognize that the true impact of our efforts lies in the initiatives we undertake, the communities we empower, and the positive change we effect. Our new name reflects this pivotal shift in perspective, emphasizing the substance of our work.

This rebranding aligns us with a future where the legacy of our projects in cultural and heritage protection, the arts, technology, sustainable agriculture, and landscape architecture is celebrated, and our commitment to creating a better world is resolutely manifested. By emphasizing the mission and its transformative influence, we aim to resonate more deeply with our supporters and partners who share our dedication to sustainable change.

The essence of our foundation remains unwavering: we continue to champion the projects that drive progress, create opportunities, and nurture harmonious coexistence. Our rebranding is a tribute to the enduring importance of our work, ensuring that it remains the focal point of our identity and our impact.


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