December 22, 2023

Celebrating Nature’s Symphony – Talking Christmas Trees

On December 1st, 2023, Hotel de Russie in Rome transformed into a magical haven, hosting the spectacular event “The Christmas Talking Trees” in its enchanted garden. Against the backdrop of the historic garden designed by Giuseppe Valadier, the evening unfolded as a celebration of nature’s beauty, art, and the need for concrete sustainable actions.

panda Foundation, committed to saving endangered monumental olive trees in Apulia and fostering holistic transformation, sponsored this event that seamlessly married beauty, art, and nature. About 500 esteemed guests gathered in the illuminated garden, creating a beautiful atmosphere in line with the Foundation’s core theme: sustainable change.

The event, inspired by Albert Einstein’s words, aimed to deepen the connection between art and nature. Renowned light artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, along with climate scientist Professor Riccardo Valentini (IPCC member and Nobel Peace Prize winner 2007) and designer Valerio Cenciarelli, orchestrated a mesmerizing light installation, transforming the garden into an enchanted olive grove. This project celebrated the olive tree as an emblem of peace and the Mediterranean, symbolizing the values of Christmas.

International contemporary poets, including Adonis, Gemma Bracco, Yang Lian, and others, contributed verses honoring nature, enhancing the sensory experience for attendees. The night unfolded as a testament to goodwill, celebrating the essence of Christmas through togetherness.

A highlight of the evening was the introduction of the TreeTalker® technology developed by Professor Riccardo Valentini and his team. This innovative device, connected to a LoRaWan radio network and the cloud, measured crucial tree parameters, offering real-time insights into the life of the olive trees. Four devices were installed on olive trees in Hotel de Russie’s garden, allowing guests to interact with the trees and experience their daily rhythms through a captivating play of LED lights.

The TreeTalker® not only communicated the natural rhythms of the trees but also symbolized a groundbreaking connection between humans and plants. Attendees could approach the trees, make simple gestures, and witness the trees responding with changing colors and pulse rhythms, providing a unique and immersive Christmas experience.

In the spirit of our Apulia project, the event unfolded as a harmonious blend of cultural celebration and environmental consciousness, urging guests to appreciate the symbolic value of the olive tree – a patriarch of human and Mediterranean history. The night left an indelible mark, inspiring wonder, and emphasizing our core belief, which had been beautifully reflected in Hotel de Russie’s Celebration of Christmas theme 2023 – a world where nature and humanity thrive together.


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