panda Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that serves as a cultural bridge between East and West, modernity, and tradition, to advance the common good. Our mission is to protect and develop the natural and human environments around the world. Through a holistic approach, we aim at integrating economic, social, environmental as well as culture and heritage aspects into a transformation plan. Our unifying theme is sustainability.


Olive Tree

Apulia Development

panda Foundation has the ambition to support the region of Apulia in their efforts to protect their heritage while creating a sustainable future for coming generations by developing a comprehensive pilot project in Urban Development and Cultural & Heritage Protection. Together with local and international scientists, researchers, corporates, universities, and other non-profit organizations, we will create an innovative blueprint which will serve as a future guide to action for other regions around the world in tackling their specific local challenges holistically.

Pei House Shanghai

The establishment of panda Foundation was inspired by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei. The foundation is reproducing in his honour the spirit of his New York residence in Shanghai’s historical and cultural district to create a platform for business leaders, industry experts, non-profit organizations, and innovators to foster innovation and collaboration for global benefit.


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